"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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What values does work with me bring?

I help people to communicate easily and bravely, so they can enjoy the best possible contact and willingness to cooperate.

In training and coaching work I create a space, in which people can find ways to their natural potential, discover endless natural abilities and generate energy that allows to use it all.

I achieve the greatest fulfillment at work by learning, along with the participants of my training and coaching sessions, deriving strength from my own sensitivity, transforming shame and hesitancy into courage and action.

Why is it so important? Because we live better when we act in life the way we speak about it – „walk what you talk” said one of my communication guru Marshall Rosenberg.

I gained my business experience working in sales and customer service areas for companies such as AMC, Imperial Logistics and DB Schenker. I created and managed the work of teams of three to three hundred people. In 2009, I set up two companies – one is a training company and the other – an event company. Both I create and develop together with Milena, Paulina and Szymon.

Everything I share with my workshops’ and coaching sessions’ clients, I’ve learned and I’m still learning from, among others, Agnieszka Pietlicka in Poland, Marshall Rosenberg and Robert Gonzales in the USA, Klaus Kartaedt in Germany. A lot of curiosity and discovering life, as well as the wealth that nature has provided us with, I derive from accompanying my sons’ development – five-year-old Jaś and a two-year-old Julek.

As a trainer and coach, I worked with people performing various roles and occupying diverse positions. Among them were the owners, presidents, managers, leaders, masters, specialists and experts in their own professions, in such companies as: Mondi Group, VWP, Aquanet, Asics, DEVnet, Smart Project, as well as hundreds of open workshops participants.

About me

Areas of my work

Who I worked for

The participants said…

Gosia, advisor/educator/project coordinator

It is with great pleasure that I recommend the workshop to people who communicate and who answer “yes”, „I don’t have a problem” when asked directly if they can. This is a must-have course for managers, but also for everyone who is aware of the power of the word (spoken, written). Words can give you wings, foster development, strengthen, but also can hurt, accuse, discourage. No doubts the workshop is worth taking if you want to do it better, more confidently, for the benefit of yourself and others, without unnecessary „victims, losses”. You will find out about your abilities, but also about what is a limitation in communication, what or who poses obstacles, challenges, etc. How to pursue balance, develop smart empathy. How to strengthen the language of the giraffe and „train” the language of the jackal, after all, they accompany us alternately, they compete.

Waldemar, Marketing Manager

The workshop can be compared to learning to swim with trainer, the first length of the pool is better done under the watchful eye of an experienced person. Additionally, the atmosphere of trust helps to look into oneself and understand oneself. As a result, we gain courage and impetus to communicate consciously, taking into account our own emotions and needs and respecting the emotions and needs of other people.

Who I work with


She is called „a noblewoman” – you will understand when you meet her. She creates spaces and possibilities to spread values we want to share with the world. Organising and participating in conferences is like breathing for her. Asans’ lover – yoga poses and this one to manage tasks. When it comes to food, she does not compromise.


He consistently turns into action and puts into practice what is created in our heads. Workshops participants often ask with admiration about the training materials prepared by him. Administration and logistics in the office are his kingdoms. Sports shoe lover and born price hunter.